Friday, November 2, 2012

Official Pinter*Mel Project #9: Linen Refresher Spray

I'll admit, for YEARS I used Febreeze liberally around my house. Not unlike Sriracha, I put that sh*t on EVERYTHING. Then a wise friend pointed out that Febreeze is chocked full of nasty chemicals, and that I was only covering up stink with said nasty chemicals, and not getting rid of them. 

So at that point I phased out the Febreeze, and started just washing anything that smelled a little funky. I mean, usually something smells a bit off because there's bacteria lodged in there somewhere, and no amount of "anti-bacterial" Febreeze is going to get that out. 

Anyways, fast forward to this year, I share a bed with a dude and two dogs EVERY NIGHT. They all kinda stink (but not me, never), however washing the sheets EVERY SINGLE DAY is just not feasible...we don't own that many sets. So I started looking online for a simple fabric/linen refresher spray that I could make at home; and I was pleasantly surprised with all the super easy, and super basic recipes out there. 

I used this one from Casa Sugar. 

I grabbed a few 2oz bottles from the dollar store, and instead of vodka I used witch hazel in one bottle, and rubbing alcohol in the other in order to compare. 

I pared down the recipe to fit with my 2oz bottle, mixed it all together, poured it in, and then let it sit for 48 hours to set. 

My observations are that the witch hazel disperses the essential oil a little more effectively than the rubbing alcohol, however as long as you give the spray bottle a shake before you spray it's no big deal. 

Spray liberally! 



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