Thursday, July 19, 2012

Official Pinter*Mel Project #1 - DIY Flower Wall Art

The Inspiration: Pinterest - DIY Flower Wall Art

The Progress: 
We have a very lonely wall in our living room. 

So, I purchased a 14x14 canvas from Wallack's, and proceeded to paint it a neutral beige colour using Amsterdam Acrylic Paint. 

Pro Tip: When painting your canvas you want to water down the paint a bit, otherwise you'll end up using the entire tube trying to get even coverage.  

While your canvas is drying, you can start tracing your stencil onto the paper you have selected to use. 
Note: Please excuse the picture quality. I promise as this blog evolves that I will strive to take more centered and professional-like photos. 

My ever-so high-tech stencil ended up being a piece of an empty toilet paper roll folded in half. It worked out perfectly! 

The the time-consuming part of the adventure began...

...and continued. 

I believe when all was said and done I had cut out approximately 120 "petals". I had quite a few left over when I was finished, which I will use for another craft. 

The important thing about this kind of craft is to lay it out before you start gluing it to the canvas. I'm a firm follower of the "measure twice, cut once" philosophy, and believe me, once you Mod Podge something to a surface, you want to make sure you have it in the right spot. 

Once you're satisfied with your design, the Mod Podging can begin! It's okay if some of the petals hang over the edge of the canvas. Once you're finished gluing all the petals onto the surface, you can turn your attention to those. Depending on your preference you can either cut them so they're flush to the edge of the canvas, or do what I did, which was fold them over the edge and glue them down. 

Once everything is glued down, I recommend going over the entire thing with a thin coat of Mod Podge. It will seal the paper and canvas, and will ensure that nothing ever comes peeling off, which is especially important if you live in a climate that's not friendly to paper-based crafts. I use Mod Podge's Gloss product. It's excellent for this kind of art. 

This shouldn't take long to dry, as long as you've applied only a thin layer that is. Once it's fully dry you're finished! Time to find a place to hang it! 

The Final Product: 
Now our living room wall is lonely no more! 

However, being the perpetual fuss-budget I am, and having a pile of left over petals, I plan on making some accent pieces for this wall. The plan is to use three or four 5x7 canvasses, using the same method in this post in order to make this wall a little more artfully balanced. 
I will update once I do this, with photos! 

Total Approximate Cost: Canvas $13, Paint $6, Paper $10, Mod Podge (used) $4. 

Have you done this project? Please post links to the outcomes in the comments section, or tweet me at @PinterMel

Update: I've added two smaller canvasses to even the wall out. 


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