Wednesday, July 11, 2012


In effort to reinvigorate my inner craftiness I have decided to start blogging about the craft ideas I find on Pinterest and my adventure in trying to replicate them. 
I'm sure some of us have browsed around Pinterest and have found crafts that look super simple, only to turn out to be epic fails, or at the very least WAY more involved than it looked. 

I endeavour to pick crafts that would make excellent gifts, beautiful (yet simple!) home decor, and hopefully this year I will finally learn how to use my sewing machine and begin to venture into making clothing and accessories. 

Last Christmas I made every present I was required to give based on craft ideas found on Pinterest, and this Christmas will be no different. Also, August is a busy birthday month for my family, in addition to my brother's wedding which will take place in September, and I have decided that everyone will receive personalized handmade gifts from yours truly. 

So with August rapidly approaching, it's time to get this party started! LET'S GO!!!

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