Sunday, October 7, 2012

Six Squared: Canvas 4

This week I finished up the remaining three canvases for Six Squared in support of the Kingston Seniors Association. Here's #4! 

Canvas #4: Playing with Colours

So I bought this massive pallet of colours from Wallack's last week, and absolutely couldn't wait to try them out! I decided to dedicate a canvas specifically to this endeavour. 

First, I painted the canvas a warm grey to help neutralize the whiteness of the canvas. I also find that a primed canvas holds other colours much better. 

Once the base layer was dry, I grabbed a bunch of paint brushes and the lid of a big Tupperware container (because I'm too good for an actual palette, clearly). 

Squirted out a glob of each of the colours I intended to use onto the lid. 

...and started painting free-hand. 

I did two coats of each colour. 

After the top of the canvas was done, I decided I wanted to do something with the sides. 

Taped it off all the way around. 

Played around with raw umber and white. 

Bottom first. 

Then a slightly different colour for the top. 

Waited for it to dry, and then pulled off the tape. 

Then sealed it up with ModPodge! 


Canvas #4: COMPLETE.

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