Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Six Squared: Canvas 5

Continuing with this series, here's canvas #5 for Six Squared in support or the Kingston Seniors Association

Canvas 5: Who gives a hoot?

As always, I begin with painting my canvas; two coats. 

While that was drying I stenciled my favourite owl onto the back of some really pretty scrapbook paper I used last year for a Christmas present. I also cut out a branch for him to sit on from another piece of scrapbook paper too! 

Used my scissors for the bigger, easier parts, but used my trusty razor blade for the rest. 


I found that the branch wasn't as black as I wanted it to be, so I gave it a coat of black acrylic paint to sharpen it up. 

Once that dried, and my canvas was dried it was time to bust out the ModPodge and glue the owl and branch to the canvas. 

It's impossible to use too much ModPodge on paper crafts like this; put it underneath to glue it on, and then brush it on over top. 

And always do another coat all over for good measure (and shine!)

Finished product; TADA!!!

Canvas #5: COMPLETE. 

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